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Hunt Lease Program (HLP)

Land income opportunities

Cash value can accrue in your timber every year from tree growth and other market factors. But this value (income) can’t be captured until the timber is first marketable and ready to sell and then is sold.  This is a periodic event generally every 15 to 30 years depending on how much timber is sold at one time.  Annual cash flow and income can be a crucial part of managing timberlands for their highest income output.  Hunt leasing on private lands can be a significant part of that equation.  Leasing private lands to hunt on in West Virginia is more popular and in more demand than ever before.  We help you capture this annual income stream while improving your land use with our managed Hunt Lease Program (HLP).


Combine HLP with Wildlife Habitat Management (WHM) for improved land use, diversity, wildlife and value.  Forest and land diversity along with game harvest management are essential to building productive and valuable lands.  Our management systems have been used on thousands of acres for private landowners with significant results for game stocking and retention.   In addition, well managed and used lands can also discourage trespassers, poachers and trash dumping.

For owners that are not active in land and wildlife management or are absentee from the property, we will do all the work regarding managing your hunt lease and mail you the check.  We take care of all the paperwork, insurance and renewals along with any land improvements or management work that may be conducted by the lessees.


All of our HLP hunt lease agreements include $1 million of liability coverage for the leased property.  We do not recommend ever leasing lands to hunt on without it


We currently maintain a database of over 10,000 hunters that have expressed interest in leasing private lands for hunting.  Many of these folks have indicated that they are willing and able to land improvement work on lands they lease.  Often this may consist of mowing, brush hogging, installing wildlife food plots, land posting & patrolling and more.


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