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Land Agency

Network of Land Professionals working for you

Land agency can involve many facets.  Land, timber, oil & gas, title, rights-of-way, property boundaries, etc.  We have a network of land and natural resource professionals that can help owners tackle most all their land needs when needed.


If you could see what landowners receive for certain rights-of-way and oil & gas development activity on their surface lands you would be very surprised to see the various high and low  amounts paid for similar land uses and transactions.  That’s to say that Landowner A may receive 25% of what Landowner B received for a gas line right-of-way through their property simply because of accepting the initial offer and terms point blank with no information or negotiation involved.  Why is this?  Because there are no “standard” rates or prices for surface lands rights-of-way and oil & gas development.  It’s commonly a pure negotiation process.  We know how this process works and we help landowners do better … often much better.


Oil & gas and utility companies all have land agents that negotiate and procure their needed rights-of-way, easements and surface use agreements.  Many of them are skilled, experienced contract (for hire) agents focused on the company’s bottom line, project budget and timeline.  They are usually all very skilled negotiators and often only provide information that is beneficial to their position.  We contract our agency and negotiation for landowners, on your  side and to protect your best financial and land interests.


Our land network includes attorneys, paralegals, surveyors, mappers and land agents experienced in surface and mineral title abstracting, resolving property boundary issues and land issue and dispute negotiation and settlement.  We can also assist landowners with heirship issues.

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