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Expertise for Selling Land

A big part of selling land is knowing the land and knowing what’s valuable in the land market.  Knowing these land uses, attributes and assets and knowing the markets for particular land types and uses is critical to successful land brokerage.  Some timberland tracts are primarily recreational and timber investment grade properties, while others may have higher and better uses for farming, homesteading or traditional home sites.  Some lands have few additional ownership costs involved to access the land and begin its use, while others may add significant costs on top of the initial purchase price. Land can be sold locally and nationally.  We sell in the national land market trade for significantly more exposure and larger buyer’s pool.  Whether for hunting land, farm land, homesteading or investment timberlands, we cover the full spectrum for land sellers and buyers of West Virginia land.


Selling land is also about its presentation to market.   Almost all prospective buyers search the internet first for descriptions, photos and now video.  Poor presentation at the wrong time of year is not productive for the seller and can cause delays and frustration.  We have a keen eye for land presentation and can include aerial photography and video along with standard photography for presentation to market.  Good detail of land attributes, natural resources and assets are also presented.


We can provide real time timber volume and value information for timberlands for sale.  Growth projections and TimberBank analysis can also be provided to purchaser prospects.


Our land sale brokerage is direct, clean and precise.  We deal straightforward with sellers and buyers in a results oriented fashion.


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