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NewForest Timberland Investments

Investment opportunities via partnerships with WVLANDGROUP

We invest in our own timberlands.  We currently own and manage timberlands in Kanawha, Putnam, Cabell, Jackson, Calhoun and Boone Counties.


We purchase timberlands as a forestry business investment.  We manage our lands for multiple use objectives such as timber production and hunting & recreation development, Wildlife Habitat Management (WHM), Trophy Lands Development (TLD) and Roads and Trails.  We also strive to maximize our investments with our own TimberBank, Timber2Market and Land2Market services.


Most of our timberland purchases are 100 acres and larger, although we will evaluate smaller timberland acreages.  We can often combine our land agency services to help work through difficult land sale/purchase issues such as limited access and road right-of-way issues as part of our due diligence phase before the purchase.


If you would like more information on what type of land and what locations we evaluate for purchase please feel free to let us know.  All of our purchase proposals are presented in writing for your review are confidential.


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