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Bank on your timber assets and income potential

One of the good things about an investment account is when you get the statement and the annual value increase is plainly there to see.  Not so good when you get the statement in a down market though.  We know an investment secret that the large investors know.  Trees never stop growing, regardless of the financial markets.  That’s why institutional investors have invested billions of dollars in hardwood timberlands.  You can do the same for your timberlands.  The best part is you already own these assets and don’t have to go out and buy them.  But you do need to know thm and track them.  Once a baseline timber inventory & appraisal is established your trees can become part of your financial future and can be known and tracked with our TimberBank services.


Our TimberBank services combine forestry and finance.  Your timber resources are monetized as an investment account and its estimated annual return is projected.  Multiple returns are found when timber and timberland are treated and tracked as an investment.  Timber volume growth can range from 0 to 5% per year depending on growing sites, the vitality and age of the trees and how they are managed.  Hardwood timber market prices fluctuate by species annually.  Managed timber and forests, along with improved land access increase per acre timberland values.  Hardwood market spikes for certain species create better selling opportunities for those products.  All of these factors can work in your favor when you know what they are.  Ten (10%) percent average annual returns are sometimes attainable in intensely managed hardwoods over the long term.


With Annual TimberBank value estimate statements your return on investment for your timber assets can be estimated to current.  Return on investment for hardwood timber assets are not “get rich quick” returns but they do normally accrue steadily over time.  Two of the most important cycles in the overall return are the “marketable point” and “sale opportunity”.  These are the points in the timber rotation where timber size and quality meet the current market dynamics.  These cycles are critical to track and know where the best estimated intersection point is.  Our TimberBank services provide owners with annual or bi-annual statements that tract these stages along with other growth and market factors.


Do you wish you knew the optimum time to sale and harvest your hardwoods and could schedule your timber sale around income needs?  TimberBank can tell you.  Timber doesn’t grow on our financial schedule.  But you can schedule your finances around how your timber does grow.  You just have to know and track when timber size, market conditions and your personal financial objectives align.  TimberBank helps you do just that.  Just like with most things in life and business, timing is critical.  Timber is no different.


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