About the WVLandGroup & Kanawha Forestry

Our West Virginia lands and forests are beautiful, bountiful and often rugged.  These landscapes are the back drop of  West Virginia.  The WVLandGroup and Kanawha Forestry know the land and the forest.  Most importantly, we know West Virginia landowners and keep a keen eye every day on what exciting opportunities are out there today and tomorrow for our clients.  We help our West Virginia landowners explore and capture these income and management opportunities for their lands every day.

Our land management and brokerage systems have worked for West Virginia landowners for many years pumping millions of dollars into local and rural economies.  The results in dollars made and acres managed by our landowners back that up.  As markets, economies and land uses change in West Virginia, we change with them by always looking to and analyzing future land and market trends.  Our land services go where the best opportunities are for West Virginia landowners and we always strive to maximize these ownership and income opportunities:

  • Timber Sales & Timber Management
  • Land Income & Land Value
  • Land Use & Recreation
  • Land Management
  • Land Brokerage
  • Land & Landscape Development

So, whether you want to maximize one or all of these – we’ll show show you how with our custom services & systems and our land experience.

We believe that all private West Virginia timberlands and renewable forest resources should be managed for their maximum benefits for owners, the environment and our West Virginia land economies.  For highest success this management should include a basket of mixed uses and benefits in addition to better economies and income for owners.  Forest and landscape management, improved land use and access, better wildlife habitat and natural ecological systems and land recreational opportunities can all be an integral parts of the West Virginia land ownership experience.

To learn more about these markets and opportunities contact us today to get started for your land.

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