Managing Land


Land and Forest Analytics

Land and forest analytics are the drivers that help us manage lands successfully for our clients. Timber inventory and appraisal, timber markets analysis, land markets analysis, forest carbon credit analytics and more determine various values and income streams available for a landowner in today’s land economy.

Forest Management Planning

Forest management planning goals often include:

Increases Timber Production and Value

Forest Management in both mature and you stands of timber will benefit from management practices. A forester can help earn more with a timber harvest, and implement procedures to grow bigger and better trees.

Improved Hardwood Quality

Forest quality will improve the aesthetic and value of your forest. By removing low quality trees from the stocking, future trees will have the genetic makeup to produce quality timber over the next growth cycle.

Improved Wildlife Habitat

A healthy forest, and timber harvest best practices will improve the wildlife habitat of your land. Selective clearing, harvesting, and planting will allow deer, turkey, birds and bear to thrive in your forest with the help of our forest management plan. 

Improved Forest and Land Access

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Building roads and trails throughout the property can increase land value, ease of use, and access to timber. This can be done through the investment of the landowner, or achieved through a logging operation on the property.

Forest Carbon Credit Production Options

For landowners not ready or not wanting to sell timber, a forest management plan can include the market of sale of carbon credits from their standing timber. Our team can inform you on the most effective way to market your credits.

Increased Forestry and Timber Markets Knowledge

The knowledge and experienced gained from working with us can help you implement and determine the projects you need completed on your own. We like to give landowners the tools they need improve their land.

Improved Forest Structure and Landscape

Some owners plan for landscaping and structural improvements for habitat variation and aesthetics. We work with quality equipment operators to provide assistance for your projects.