Earn Land Income



Our marketplaces are many for landowners. Our TimberMark – Timber Marketplace is for timber sellers and buyers. Vandalia Trails – Outdoors Marketplace is for land leasing and recreation income and WVLandGroup – Land Marketplace is for land sellers and buyers. Coming in 2022, we will be expanding our marketplaces more for landowners with the addition of the Forest Carbon marketplace platform for forest carbon credit sales. Whether it’s timber markets, non-timber forest income or the West Virginia land markets, we provide complete land services and proven brokerage and marketplaces for all aspects of land management and ownership.

Land Income Opportunities

Land Income can be either passive, or active. A passive opportunity requires little effort on the owner’s part, but usually with little return. Active opportunities will require some form of investment in the property (either monetary, or natural resources), and input for the duration of the project. Returns on these will often be more lucrative for the owner.

Passive Income

Forest Carbon Credit Program

Kanawha Forestry
Marketing the stored carbon in your forest for sale as carbon credits can earn you income with minimal effort. Different programs will offer varying payment terms and contract lengths. For landowners no wanting to harvest timber, selling carbon credits may be an option.

Recreational Lease (No Investment)

Vandalia Trails
A recreational lease without investment from the landowner are income streams from the property without improvements made for the purposes of leasing. Hunting leases are the easiest way for a landowner to earn income from a recreational lease.

Active Income

Timber Sale

TimberMark & Kanawha Forestry
Harvesting timber with the help of a experienced forester can allow landowners to yield a higher income from the sale. Other benefits can include improved wildlife habitat, new system of roads and trails, and cleared acreage for improvements.

Recreational Lease (Investment)

Vandalia Trails

A recreational lease with investment is suited for the entrepreneurial landowner looking to turn their property into a destination. Investment into the property in the form of utilities, cabins and roads will earn the landowner more income over time with the right marketing plan for their destination property. 

Land Sale


Selling your property earn a landowner the most income in the shortest amount of time. Improvements made by the landowner can significantly improve the market value of their land with little upfront cost relative to the value appreciation. 

Property Management for Land Income

Property management for land income focuses exclusively on the management of the land and its resources for land income maximization and land asset value growth. Here we combine land management, markets and business management to deliver the full bundle of services for our clients.