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When selling land for clients we use our 40+ years of land, forest and timber experience to prepare and market your sale. We provide all the tools necessary for land sales including national marketing, field ready staff, mapping and drone options, forest and timber analytics and more. See why our WVLandGroup team are your Boots on the Ground Land Professionals.

When managing your forestland and selling your timber our foresters and land resource professionals provide all forestry and timber services necessary for successful timber sales and management. Our processes can drive your timber sale value, forest and land value higher. Kanawha Forestry markets timber sales to the max on the TimberMark – Timber Marketplace platform.

When putting your timber to market our TimberMark – Timber Marketplace platform provides maximum market exposure for the timber sale. This platform also keeps sellers in the loop regarding the status of their timber sale preparation, sale status and closing at all times during the process.

Coming Soon

We don’t stop in generating income for landowners with land and timber sales. Vandalia Trails is our newest land marketplace to generate land leasing, hunt leasing, permit use and forest carbon credit income for landowners. This market is growing in West Virginia. We show landowners how to best capture this land income.

How Can A Timber Harvest Improve Deer Hunting?

January 19th, 2023|Comments Off on How Can A Timber Harvest Improve Deer Hunting?

There is a direct correlation between old growth forests and whitetail deer population, and it may surprise many landowners and hunters. The popular opinion is that deer favor the same forest ecosystem as people. Wide open woods, [...]

Do I Need a Survey on My Property?

January 18th, 2023|Comments Off on Do I Need a Survey on My Property?

One of the most frequent questions new land buyers have is whether or not they should get a survey of their land purchase. Having peace of mind knowing that your boundaries in good shape is a [...]

Huge Upper Kanawha Valley and Hobet Mine Projects

April 27th, 2022|Comments Off on Huge Upper Kanawha Valley and Hobet Mine Projects

Major economic development projects have been announced across a large swath of private forestlands, river frontage and surface mine reclamation in the Upper Kanawha Valley and southern coalfield. An ambitious outdoor recreation project in the Upper [...]

Understanding Mineral Rights in West Virginia

April 27th, 2022|Comments Off on Understanding Mineral Rights in West Virginia

As a new landowner, or potential buyer in West Virginia, understanding mineral rights from separate surface ownership can be a disorienting concept if you are not used to this in your area. Understandably, Landowners want the [...]

Welcome to WVLandCo

March 19th, 2022|Comments Off on Welcome to WVLandCo

Welcome to WVLandCo is our full suite of land and forestry services combined in one land hub platform for landowners. For many years now, West Virginia landowners haven’t been aware of ALL of the land services [...]

The New & Improved WVLandGroup

September 25th, 2020|Comments Off on The New & Improved WVLandGroup

The WVLandGroup has recently updated and added several technology tools and platforms to our web site for landowners, clients and for industry users. These tools and platforms will greatly increase our group's productivity for our landowner and [...]