My Timber Forester

My Timber Forester

My timber forester provides our landowner client with a first class market based timber forester when needed for timber market knowledge, experience and timber markets know how. Hardwood timber and log markets are complicated, change quickly and must be worked in full time to stay on top of various market and logging force dynamics.

When its time to sell timber, sale preparation, sale marketing and log merchandising are critical to maximizing timber sale opportunities for our clients. Work begins with a current timber inventory & appraisal to estimate and determine the volume and estimated market value of timber to be sold. This timber volume data and timber sale mapping is then provided to the forest industry for purchase offers and harvest contract terms. Most often this is done with our competitive sale process with Timber2Market. Once the best timber sale price and sale terms are set our timber forester provides final timber sale contract and payment terms along with proper seller protections for insurance coverage, liabilities protection and other important terms for the owner. For more information on what our timber forester can do for your timber sale email us at

     Have your forester on call

Most all timberland owners will need a forester at some point.  Whether for inventory & appraisal, timber sales management, timber damages assessment, or just real time timber markets information, we know how important these are when needed by a landowner.  The getting to know each other, reviewing the land and its resources and staying in touch when needed are often the most difficult to get started and keep going.  Our My Forester program offers a cost effective way to begin this relationship and to not miss out  when your best opportunities arise.


We know that budgets are tight and landowners often have little cash to invest in longer term land timber management without immediate income returns.  With this in mind we can work with you to best fit our services and fees around your budget and land income opportunities.  We keep initial consultation and management fees as low as possible so that we can show you what the potential outcomes can be for you and your land down the road.


Our goals are the same for every landowner …  we work to maximize your land and timber assets and opportunities based on your land and timber assets at hand.  We do this in many ways and we always recommend combining My Forester with TimberBank and our other services for maximum results.


Information is the key to market opportunities.  Timber and land is no different.  Our hardwood market information is updated here weekly based on hardwood lumber sale prices and our current timber sales and merchandising activities.  If you’re looking to best time the markets for your timber sale opportunity this information is critical.


Because timber,  land management and land assets maximization are long term process we recommend a long term written plan to keep you and your activities  on track with a Forest & Land Management Plan.  Normal plan cycles are for 10 years and then updated for the next 10 years.  The written plan includes all data reports, maps, timber and land recommendations for the time period.  Your plan along with My Forester and TImberBank help guide you and track they key factors specific to your land and timber.   In addition your plan can save you significant amounts every year in property taxes.  This adds up over your 10-20 year management cycle.