Selling Land


Sell Your Land with Land Experts

Your land is a valuable asset. When its time to sell, land professionals are your best option when selling land. Our land agents and professionals have over 60 years of combined land management and brokerage experience. We manage and sell land. It’s what we do.

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Sell Your Forest with Forester Assistance

The majority of land tracts sold in West Virginia contain forests and some aspect of timber value. In fact, for forestland use, the value of the timber can be the biggest contributor to the land value. When selling forestland a forester can surely assist in making these value determinations.

Your Land Presentation

Practically all land sales are web based now. Land presentation is paramount when marketing online. Our land marketing and presentation package includes informative mapping and high quality photos. Additional marketing can include informational videos from our land professionals, drone video and photography and resource information regarding timber and other land income possibilities for buyers.

Selling Your Land in The National Market

We make sure the national land market works for your land sale. National markets exposure increases the land buyer pool substantially over local and MLS markets. We invest heavily in national advertising, land marketing and presentation. Once on the market, we focus on the sale by providing potential buyers the information they need to make their purchase decision.