Timber Brokerage & Merchandising

Merchandising and selling standing hardwoods is a process.  Hardwood timber and log markets are determined by multiple factors and logistics and can change quickly.  We deal in these markets every day with timber being sold on the market and being harvested and on the road through our Timber2Market processes.

Our timber sales and merchandising experience gives timber owners a guarantee.  If we don’t generate your best price and sale terms … you’re not obligated to sell.

Our results speak for their self.  Over $60 million of delivered forest products sold on over 100,000 managed acres in West Virginia since 1992.

Our timber brokerage experience and market knowledge drives prices for sellers.  We have been active in the hardwood markets in West Virginia every day for the last 25 years.  We are there for your first sale, after the sale as your timber grows and back again for your second sale rotation.

We can show you the difference between a managed timber harvest and a typical “logging contract”. and the logging on the ground.  A managed sale means more income during the sale, more timber left standing to grow for your next rotation and more useable land after the harvest.

For high quality tracts that are operable for small yarding, we can provide timber to log merchandising  yarding and trucking options for sellers.

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