Timber Inventory & Appraisal

Timber inventory and appraisal services are provided for multiple goals and objectives for our clients. These two processes are a must when managing timberlands and timber. It’s used to forecast timber sales and income and used to manage the amount and type of trees and volume to be left after the harvest.

The inventory is used in management planning to delineate timber stands and management prescriptions for each stand. The inventory provides tree count estimates for thinning and stand improvements and maintaining the best tree stocking levels in the stand for optimum tree growth and timber production. We start all management and timber sale contracts with a timber inventory & appraisal. For more information on why these processes and reports are the basis of all of your timber management, sales and harvest scheduling needs email us at forestry@wvlandgroup.com.

Know your Timber and Your Markets

Timber sales and management all start with good timber inventory field work and estimates report data.  Our field work to gather the inventory data is comprehensive and conducted by our experienced timber inventory foresters.  Your reports are provided in a simple format that lets you know in plain terms what you need to know.  These timber reports provide the basis for the critical sale and management decisions to be made and are also used to merchandise your Timber2Market.


When it comes to selling and managing a boundary of hardwoods, no two timber boundaries are the same.  Averages and comps from other sales can be very risky without specific inventory, appraisal and local timber market experience specific to your land.  Don’t rely on what your neighbor sold their timber for or a quoted average.  This type of non-specific information can end up costing you significantly.


Our inventory reports not only show you how many trees and board feet will be sold and harvested but just as importantly they will show you how many trees and board feet you have left to grow for the future.


Hardwoods do not grow uniform on a property.  Every property has various growing sites, productivity levels and timber/agricultural history.  Our inventory mapping shows these areas and recommends sales and management guidelines accordingly.


Hardwood sales and management are all about the amount of useable board feet contained in the trees and your entire timber boundary for sale.  Board feet is the primary unit of measure for selling, managing and growing hardwoods.  Our reports translate trees…  to board feet… to dollars for you.