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We offer properties in the following markets:


Hunting tracts are rural, undeveloped, and offer strong wildlife habitat. Here in West Virginia these properties can be found all across the state. Properties we market primarily as hunting land will be undeveloped, with higher costs usually involved to develop into a homestead or farm due to topography, access, lack of utilities and existing forest cover.

Rec Tracts

Recreational land tracts offer more opportunities than a tract used primarily for hunting. This can include: existing trail system, bodies of water on or near the property, public land and amenities nearby, and potentially lower costs to develop, often with available spots for a cabin or dwelling.


A tract marketed for homesteading will normally have some existing utilities infrastructure on or near the property for building, or be in a position where property improvements are less difficult logistically to accomplish. Location of utilities, off grid feasibility, existing cleared acreage, existing structures, and access are all variables we consider when marketing a tract for a possible homestead.

Timberland Investment

Forestland tracts can be held as  timberland investment purposes for owners. Tracts with current marketable timber can be harvested immediately for a return, or held for future liquidity. Tracts can also be bought before maturity as a long term investment for a lower price, with a common payoff in 10-30 years depending on the time since it was last harvested. Timberland investment tracts offer investors and buyers a hedge against inflation with historic trends showing an inverse correlation between inflation and timberland values. WVLandGroup offers decades of experience in the forestry and timber industry to help buyers understand the logistics of forest management and timber harvesting.


Properties marketed as farm land will often have current improvements and clearing necessary for agriculture in various sizes and markets. Farm tracts will have shown a prior use of agriculture on the property, or will require less work to prepare the property for farming. Look for cleared relatively flat acreage or historical farm use on ridgetops, benches and bottom land.

Buyer’s Due Diligence

Land purchase due diligence involves the following processes:

Negotiating Purchase Price and Terms

Price negotiation is a key part of the land purchase process that most buyer’s know about. Having a good understanding of where the market stands in the area of your purchase can help. Lay out your purchase contingencies as well when the offer is made.

Estimating 'All In' Costs

We quantify ‘All In’ costs as the additional costs of improvements needed to prepare the property for your land use goals. Costs of surveys, road improvements, site prep and land clearing are some of the things buyers should consider.

Land and Property Management

Buyers who are seeking assistance with maintaining or preparing a property can look for a consultation from a land and property manager. This can be beneficial for buyers who are not buying locally, and want a property kept in good shape.

Land and Forest Analytics

We use land and forest analytics to look at multiple income streams on a property. Having a forester get eyes on the timber on the property can give buyers useful information on the marketability of timber, or best practices to manage a healthy forest.

Financing Processes

The financing process can be arduous for both buyers and sellers. Choosing the right lending institution will save a lot of headaches. We can help buyers to work with a good lender. Cash always helps as well.

Legal Work For Title and Closing

Legal work can be crucial to a buyer for both information and peace of  mind. We can help buyers work with reputable attorneys with experience in land and minerals. 

Many aspects of buyer due diligence can be overlooked in the buying process. WVLandGroup helps land buyers to assess these items and establish all in costs, management necessities, and land and forest analytics. Our experience in the land and forest industry offer more value than anyone in the area.

Buyer’s Agency

In certain instances, agents are willing to sign a Buyer’s Agency agreement with a potential buyer showing interest in the full scope of our services. For those needing land and forest analytics, high quality drone video footage, and contract work on their purchase, talk with one of our agents about a Buyer’s Agency agreement.

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