Pretty Branch Tract

317 acres – $275,000

Mingo County, WV


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This tract offers premium trophy hunting in one of the four bow-only counties in West Virginia. The property offers gated access through a shared right of way (more information on access below). A recent survey has been conducted with corners and lines marked with pins, flagging and posted signs (survey map available upon request). This wild and rugged tract would make a great hunting get away being home to some of the biggest whitetail bucks in the state, as well as great bear and turkey hunting. The tract was timbered around 15 years ago, making this tract a timberland investment opportunity with long term return on your purchase.

About the Bow Only Counties:

Decades ago, West Virginia restricted hunting in the counties of Mingo, Wyoming, McDowell and Logan to bow only. This was to combat the diminishing population of whitetail in the area. The outcome of that has led to both the growth of population and size of whitetail in the region. With less deer being killed, bucks have been able to grow to maturity more than any other region in the state. Year after year, the region shows the highest number of Boone & Crockett or Pope & Young Bucks in the state. Harvest are limited to one antlered and one antlerless deer per year.

Land Data and Attributes

Parcel Data

County: 30-Mingo

District: 4 – Harvey District

Map Number: 145

Parcel Number: 2

* parcel has been recently divided and current parcel ID does not reflect actual ID and acres

Deed Book: 498

Deed Page: 116

Deeded Acres: 386

Survey Acres: 316.787

2022 Taxes: $1,857.22


Entrance: Access has sturdy gate at the entrance and acts as a shared right of way for multiple landowners

Length: +/- 5,000 ft to the property line

Surface: Dirt with some gravel

Condition: Road was built with proper drainage and grading. Loamy soil does not hold water, and culverts are evenly space and not clogged. Rocky base beneath soil should prevent deep ruts in muddy conditions. Road will ford the creek at the beginning of the road. Higher ground clearance is recommended in current condition.


Power: No power existing. Nearest pole would be at the gate by the hard road.

Water: No existing well

Sewage: No existing septic

Land and Forest Make Up

Forest Acres: 316

Cleared Acres: 1 (gas wells and clearings along road)

Terrain: Steep hillsides with level creek bottoms and ridgetops

Water: Blue line stream (Pretty Branch) running through the middle of tract with several ephemeral streams feeding into it

Rights and Ownership

Surface: Surface rights convey

Mineral: Seller does not own and does not convey

Timber: Attached to surface and conveys

Mineral Production: Existing lease on mineral rights with current production and right of entry for well operators

Existing Wells: 2

Land Analytics



Last Harvest: est. 2007

Harvest Scenario: Select Cut est. 25-35 years, Clearcut possible projected 10-15 years (Market conditions dependent)

Acres Harvested: +/-310

Hardwood Species Typical for Region: White Oak, Red Oak, Yellow Poplar, Hard Maple, Soft Maple

Description: This property should be qualified as a timberland investment with long term return on investment. Due to the significance of the harvest around 15 years ago, 25-35 more of growth would be needed for another substantial harvest under select cut management.

* Timberland investment analytics are available through Kanawha Forestry. A timber cruise has not been provided by seller at this time.


Forest Acres: +/- 310

Description: The sale of carbon credits on the property could be used as an income alternative to a timber harvest. Call WVLandGroup to learn more about carbon credit income opportunities.


Big Game: Deer, Turkey, Bear

Small Game: Squirrel, Rabbit, Grouse, Dove

Furbearers: Beaver, Bobcat, Coyote, Foxes, Mink, Muskrat, Opossum, Raccoon

Fish: Stream on property not large enough to support game fish.

Description: The property shows signs of great wildlife habitat with a water source, forest variation with areas of undergrowth and open woods, diverse vegetation, and a large amount of wildlife sign including tracks, rubs, and sightings. Trail cam footage shows whitetail, bear in abundance with turkey and bird population evident from visit.


Description: The ecology of the area can be described as one of the most biodiverse areas east of the Rockies. West Virginia sits on the proverbial border of the north and south regions of the east coast, making it a ‘transition state’ for ecology. Adopting elements of both regions in the wildlife, plant life and terrain. West Virginia has some of the highest amount of forest cover in the country, and with a low population nearly all of the state is considered rural, with Mingo County even more so.

This property sits in a region of ruggedly beautiful mountains and streams. Human development is limited to the wider hollows and bottoms which snake through the mountains. Even when considering the gas development and past timber harvest, the property still maintains a sense of untouched wild.


Topography and Terrain

Maximum Elevation: 1500 ft

Minimum Elevation: 920 ft

Description: Like the rest of Southern West Virginia, the topography of the tract is rugged mountains. Most hillsides will be steep, with benches and logging trails offering some more level ground along the hillsides. Ridgetops are narrow in most places, with some having wider areas and point ridges. Creek bottoms offer the other areas of flat ground that are narrow in most areas of the property.


Description: The possibility of development would depend on the budget of the new owner. Current conditions allow for the possible construction of a small, off grid hunting cabin along the road and above the floodplain of the creek. Further improvements could include road improvement with gravel, land clearing for a cabin, grass, or pasture, and well construction. The construction of a full-time residence is not seen as the best use for the property, but as a recreation property and timberland investment with the potential for a cabin. Property is currently accessible for a small to medium size camper.

Wildlife Habitat & Hunting

Wildlife Observations: Large amount of game sign including tracks, rubs, scat, and sightings. Trail cam footage shows large game species as well.

Wildlife Cover: Good amount of cover for wildlife with 15 years of growth from timber harvest to allow for species and size variation for trees and plant life. Area of undergrowth and brush for cover, as well as areas of more open woods to allow for shooting and spotting lanes.

Hunting Opportunities: Premier Boone and Crockett region in West Virginia. Property is in one of the Bow Only Counties. Limited to one buck and one doe harvest per year. Hunting limit and and rifle restrictions have allowed for larger population of bucks to mature to trophy size.

Roads and Trails

Primary Road: Approximately 5,000 ft to property, approximately 4,000 ft on property

Access road described above. Runs throughout the property running with the creek above the creek bed. Accessible year round. 4×4 recommended when wet. Creek is forded at the beginning of access road.

Secondary Trails: Approximately 8,000 ft of trails on property

Gas well road running from creek bottom up to ridge of the mountain. Steep section at the bottom will be less navigable when wet. 4×4 recommended when dry. ATV/UTV recommended when wet.

Logging Roads: Network of old logging roads and trail run throughout the entire property. Not currently accessible by vehicle, but could be opened up with chainsaw for ATV use. Currently can serve as walking trails.

Land Mapping

10 foot contours

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Elevation Shading

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Slope Map

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Current Aerial

Most recent aerial map available of the property. (Leaves off)

Historic Aerial

Aerial map taken in 2007 showing recent timber harvest.

Property History and Location

Listing History

Date Action Price  Difference
1/1/2022 Listed $275,000



Harts – 30 minutes (gas, grocery, convenience store)

Logan – 40 minutes (Walmart, shopping plaza, restaurants, hospital, lodging)

Chapmanville – 40 minutes (gas, grocery, pharmacy, 4 lane highway, lodging)

Charleston – 1.5 hours (state capital, airport)


Public Land:

Cabwalingo State Forest, Chief Logan State Park, East Lynn Lake WMA



Hatfeild McCoy Trails


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