Welcome to WVLandCo.com. WVLandCo is our full suite of land and forestry services combined in one land hub platform for landowners. For many years now, West Virginia landowners haven’t been aware of ALL of the land services and opportunities we provide for owners to help them make more income from their land and to manage the land more productively. Many landowners know us for Kanawha Forestry and our forestry and timber services while others know us for our land sales and brokerage services at WVLandGroup.
Often owners don’t realize how our team of land professionals, working together for owners on their land project can significantly add other land income streams, opportunities and options for them in a big way. Add to this mix that in 2021 we launched these exciting new services (marketplaces) for West Virginia landowners:

• The sale of timber with TimberMark Timber Marketplace
• More land income opportunities with Vandalia Trails
• More forest and woodlot management options with Cross Creek Sawyers portable sawmilling and log handling

Now in 2022, we are also in the process of launching Appalachian Aerial, drone photography, video and mapping services for landowners and industry.

We have found that when landowners know that all of these land income and management opportunities are all available in one place by one experienced team of land professionals, they can really start to engage in the process, think about and plan for ALL of their land and forest potentials and how they can work together for their benefit. This is a far different process and mindset than just negotiating a timber sale contract or listing land for sale with agents that are not “land analytics capable” for these types of land decisions. Owners are now realizing that all of these “land decisions” ultimately can end up working together and in coordination for them to their benefit or working against each other with no plan to the detriment of their land and full income potential. We lay all of this on the table for owners and then execute for the client by providing our analytics, planning, brokerage, markets platforms and land experience to bring it all together under one plan.

The goals here are simple. This method of land planning and management can ultimately earn owners tens of thousands more in income over time and leave them with a better managed, more accessible and more valuable property!

I’ve been in the business of making landowners more income on their lands and forests for almost 30 years now. The markets have changed a lot over the years but there is one thing that surprisingly still hasn’t changed much. Even today, in our age of information and technology, many landowners do not know that these services are available to them and what they can do for their land and their bottom line income and land assets wise.

The good news is that the word is finally getting out there to landowners and we’re making it easier than ever with WVLandCo.com. This introduction process starts with what we call “The Land Discussion”. It’s a 15 minute or so discussion where we gather your general information about your land and land goals and we explain how our services work for you. We guarantee that you will leave the conversation knowing more about the land income, management and market opportunities available to you today from WVLandCo companies and services.

To get started simply complete the contact form and one of our land professionals will email you to schedule your Land Discussion.